2:00 pm14:00

Songs of Sanctuary Vocal Workshop


Saturday August 5, 2017


Leedy Voulkos Art Center

Kristine Barrett presents an afternoon of music exploring the concept of refuge and resilience, featuring traditional music and ritual song from Norway, Turkey, Bosnia, Ukraine, and the Republic of Georgia.  We will explore the various unique vocal techniques involved in Eastern European singing as well as delve into the history and meaning behind this haunting music.  Singers of all ages, genders, and experience are welcome!


5:00 pm17:00

Garden of Memory

  • Chapel of the Chimes

Kristine will be performing an intimate collection of solo melodies from around the world celebrating Light.

12:00 pm12:00

Vocal Embroidery: Ornamental Techniques from Bulgaria and Georgia Workshop Series

Vocal Embroidery: Ornamental Techniques from Bulgaria and Georgia is an intermediate to advanced six-week workshop series focused on various melismatic vocal techniques used in repertoire from Bulgaria and eastern Georgia. Singers will be presented with a variety of different songs and exercises that seek to develop greater vocal agility and expression, and a deeper intimacy with one’s individual vocal apparatus. Familiarity with Bulgarian and Georgian music is a plus, but not mandatory. We ask that interested participants have strong, adept singing voices; be able to maintain pitch and learn by ear; and have the bandwidth to work on music outside of scheduled workshop hours.

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7:00 pm19:00

ToLGCC at Ashkenaz

Kristine Barrett directs and performs with the Temple of Light Community Choir at Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center in Berkeley, CA.

7:30 pm19:30

Songs of Sanctuary @ Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco

  • Red Poppy Art House

Kristine Barrett presents an evening of experimental folk melodies exploring the concept of refuge: a place that nurtures, extends, bridges; that asks us to appeal to our highest selves, to seek deeply the difficult questions and to be brave in the face of them.  Featuring traditional music and ritual song from Norway, Iran, Estonia, Ireland, Sephardic Spain, Hungary, Brazil, and the Republic of Georgia; Kristine will be joined by guitarist David Robert Johnson and members of the Temple of Light Georgian Community Choir. 

8:00 pm20:00

Thomas Carnacki Anniversary Show

Barrett will be performing a solo set alongside Thomas Carnacki at the 10th Anniversary of Thomas Carnacki Performance, Temescal Art Center, 511 48th Street, Oakland at 8:00pm

May 27

Temple of Light Georgian Community Choir

Temple of Light Georgian Community Choir is an American volunteer mixed community vocal arts project and workshop series dedicated to the study and performance of traditional polyphonic music from the Republic of Georgia, the Caucasus, Black Sea, and Lazona.

The spring 2017 11-week session runs March 5th-May 29th, culminating in a show at the end May.  Rehearsals will take place Sunday evenings in the East Bay from 7:00-9:00 pm at Omni Commons.  Cost for the session is $160-$200 sliding scale.

Participation in the choir is by audition or invitation only.  Persons interested in auditioning should send raw a cappella audio (mp3) or video recordings (online links) of 1-2 vocal pieces showcasing the singer’s ability and range along with a brief description of their singing background.  Persons must be able to strongly maintain pitch, hold one’s part, learn material by ear, and take musical direction.  Previous experience singing Georgian music is not necessary.  All genders and ages welcome.

Please send audition materials to with a note indicating your interest in the Temple of Light Georgian Community Choir.